Germany: Germany releases new AI action plan
  • 2024-03-19
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  • Germany has had an AI strategy at the federal level since 2018 and has significantly expanded investments in AI in this context. The BMBF's annual budget for AI has increased more than twentyfold from 2017 to the present.

    On November 7, 2023, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) released the "2023 Artificial Intelligence Action Plan", planning to expand the scale of investment in AI and planning 11 priority action areas, including promoting the improvement of artificial intelligence capabilities, promote its commercialization process, update supporting regulatory measures and other aspects. The German government hopes to use this action plan to promote the development of the overall artificial intelligence industry chain in Germany and improve the international status of Germany and Europe in the field of artificial intelligence.

    The BMBF is currently funding the research, development and application of AI within the framework of 50 ongoing measures with a focus on research, competence development, infrastructure development and transfer into application. These will now be supplemented by at least 20 other initiatives in a targeted manner. In the current legislative period, the BMBF alone will invest over 1.6 billion euros in AI.

    Building on this, the BMBF is taking the BMBF's commitment to the next level with the AI Action Plan. The clear goal is to give a new impetus to the German AI ecosystem and, in particular, its interface with education, science and research, and business.


    1.Promote the commercialization process of AI

    Translate Germany's excellent basis in research and skills into visible and measurable economic successes and have a concrete, tangible benefit for society. Related most urgent fields include “Accelerate the transfer of AI to growth and economic opportunities”, “AI in health: society benefits for all”, “Unlock the society benefits of AI in a targeted manner”, “Research and design of AI-based technologies in the education system”.

    2.Discover the unique advantages of German AI

    Answer the questions of what the unique selling point of "AI Made in Germany" (or "Made in Europe") can be and how AI can optimally dovetail with German previous strengths. Related most urgent fields include “Continue to consistently strengthen the research base”, “Setting up a research agenda for new perspectives”, “Expand the AI infrastructure in a targeted manner”, “Accelerate an AI skills offensive”, “Adopt a suitable, agile and innovation-friendly regulation”.

    3.Strengthen ethical governance of AI

    In addition, it is also a matter of putting the current discourse on the risks of AI and the necessary legal framework on a scientifically and empirically sound basis. This also applies to the risk classification of the AI systems.

    4.Promote extensive cooperation across society

    The AI action plan is a preliminary step towards working with other ministries and stakeholders to further develop the AI Federal Government's strategy as a whole and to align it with the new challenges. Related most urgent fields include Promote social dialogue and multidisciplinary research”.

    5.Promote high-quality international cooperation

    At the same time, it is important to bring Germany's AI activities, strengths and interests into the European context in a targeted and coordinated manner and thus to raise them qualitatively to another level of cooperation. Related most urgent fields include “Seek even greater European and international solidarity”. 

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