• G20 Entrepreneurship Action Plan

  • From July 12 to 13, 2016, the G20 Ministerial Conference on Labor Employment was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Vice Premier Ma Kai attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The G20 members and the labor and employment ministers of the six guest countries, and nearly 300 representatives of relevant international organizations such as the International Labor Organization and the OECD attended the meeting. This conference is the supporting professional ministers' meeting of the G20 Hangzhou Summit. The theme is “Innovative and Inclusive Growth: Make Employment More Full, Employment Ability Adapted, and Employment Quality Higher”. Participants discussed in depth the challenges brought about by globalization, technological progress and demographic changes to the labor market, and proposed policy measures to promote employment and improve the skills of the workforce. The meeting adopted five outcome documents such as the Declaration of the G20 Labor Employment Ministers Meeting and the G20 Entrepreneurship Action Plan and the G20 Initiative to Promote High Quality Apprenticeship.

    Policy recommendations for the G20 Entrepreneurship Action Plan

    icon1.png  Promote entrepreneurship education and trainingromoting their formalization processes and promoting social enterprise development.

    • Improve entrepreneurship training courses, improve faculty capacity, and expand entrepreneurship education and training through digital technology and other innovative services.

    • Encourage social partners and other stakeholders to increase the entrepreneurial capabilities of potential workers and provide targeted entrepreneurship training, from the start-up to the growth of the enterprise life cycle.

    • Promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship culture among the public through education and training systems and other public and private training programs and programs.


    icon2.png   Strengthen services for entrepreneurship

    • Enable entrepreneurial potential personnel to effectively enjoy the services that support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, including policy advice, project information, business start-up guidance, financial services and follow-up support.

    • Develop programs such as startup incubators to provide business development services for new entrepreneurs.

    • Establish an entrepreneurial exchange platform to help entrepreneurs get timely access to entrepreneurial projects, market and industry information, learn good practices, especially learn from experienced and resourceful entrepreneurs and professional managers, and communicate with business partners and investors. Explore innovative ways to engage informal entrepreneurs, including linking support companies to promoting their formalization processes and promoting social enterprise development.


    icon3.png  Help entrepreneurs address challenges and sustain business development

    • Further relax entrepreneurial market access, including streamlining the corporate registration process and developing simplified and reasonable procedures in accordance with national laws and regulations.

    • Provide appropriate and targeted monetary and fiscal measures and financial support, including subsidies, allowances, credit and tax incentives.

    • Encourage financial institutions, enterprises, industry associations, civil society organizations, angel investors and venture capitalists to strengthen cooperation and provide diversified financing channels for entrepreneurial activities.


    icon4.png Protect the rights and interests of entrepreneurs and their employees

    • Support entrepreneurs to fulfill their obligations as employers and strive to formalize operations.

    • Provide entrepreneurs with appropriate social protection and integrate their employees into the social security system.

  • Partners

  • Global Health Innovation Center (GHIC)
  • World Intelligent Incubation Network (WIIN)
  • National University of Singapore
  • Canada-China Institute For Business & Development
  • TusPark Research Institute for Innovation
  • Cross-strait Tsinghua Research Institute
  • Tsinghua X-Lab

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