UK: AI taskforce gets £100m
  • 2023-08-17
  • Entrepreneurship Research Center on G20 Economies
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  • A new taskforce launched by the government to help the UK adopt next-generation artificial intelligence technologies – including image generation tools such as Midjourney and chat tools like ChatGPT from OpenAI – has been given £100m in initial startup funding. The government says it will “ensure sovereign capabilities” in an increasingly important field.

    As part of the recent budget, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt allocated £900m to boost compute power including making resources available for training foundation AI models. The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) says the aim of the £100m taskforce is to ensure the country can capitalize on AI, which is expected to increase global GDP by 7% up to 2030 and add billions to the UK GDP figure.

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  • Global Health Innovation Center (GHIC)
  • World Intelligent Incubation Network (WIIN)
  • National University of Singapore
  • Canada-China Institute For Business & Development
  • TusPark Research Institute for Innovation
  • Cross-strait Tsinghua Research Institute
  • Tsinghua X-Lab

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