France plans to use the startups to come out on top in Europe
  • 2023-08-17
  • Entrepreneurship Research Center on G20 Economies
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  • Over the past few months, the French government, and its startup agency La French Tech Mission have launched programmes to promote agritech, healthtech and climate tech startups. The state bank Bpifrance is pumping another €500m into deeptech startups. The government is also looking into further financial reforms that would boost entrepreneurship and investment.

    With the cherished unicorn counter risk of slowing, the government has set new goals backed by reforms to see 10 unicorns go public by 2025 on the Paris Stock Exchange. It’s still in the process of deploying €1bn to create 37k cybersecurity jobs and three security unicorns by 2025. And underlying all of this is a sprawling €54bn plan “France 2030” to accelerate technologies that help with environmental transitions while supporting emerging technologies like hydrogen power and spacetech.

    France is betting on innovation and entrepreneurship to be the cornerstone of its future economy and job creation rather than worrying about bailing out its current generation of startups.

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