China launches the "2023 Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Plan for College Graduates and Other Youth"
  • 2023-08-17
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  • The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China has launched the "2023  Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Plan for College Graduates and Other Youth", focusing on job expansion, service optimization, ability enhancement, and rights protection. It has introduced 10 specific actions and made every effort to promote their employment and entrepreneurship.

    l  To implement employment policies and actions. Focusing on SME to give provision on policy support such as social security subsidies, tax exemptions, and training subsidies, implementing subsidy policies "direct subsidy and fast handling" to encourage market entities to create more job.

    l  To implement the action of stabilizing and expanding positions of public sector. Collaborate with relevant departments to stabilize the recruitment scale of government agencies, public institutions, and state-owned enterprises, appropriately increase the number of recruits for grassroots service projects and stabilize the size of public sector positions.

    l  To implement support actions of entrepreneurial service. Carry out diversified entrepreneurial guidance and exchange activities, establish a resource docking platform, and provide one-stop services such as policy agency, tracking support, and consulting services for entrepreneurial graduates to support entrepreneurship and innovation.

    l  To implement a series of recruitment actions called "Career Guidance for the Future". Carry out special service activities such as 100 Days 10 Million Jobs and City-joint recruitment with a focus on organizing offline recruitment, ensuring monthly recruitment and weekly special sessions to maintain market activity.

    l  To implement public employment services on campus. The Director of the Human Resources and Social Security Department was invited to enter 100 campuses which are carrying a hard work in employment, and providing targeted jobs, resources, policies, and services.

    l  To implement a service campaign for unemployed graduates who have left school. Before leaving school, issue an open letter to graduates and announce the service channels in advance. After leaving school, provide real-name assistance, targeted career guidance, job recommendations internship opportunities to them.

    l  To implement specific skill enhancement actions. Carry out new vocational training in emerging industries and modern service industries, expand training models such as apprenticeship training, and ensure that graduates with training intentions can receive training opportunities.

    l  To implement the action of improving the quality of employment internships. Recruit no less than 1 million employment internship positions, focus on developing a number of scientific research, skill, and management positions, and launch a number of demonstration positions to help graduates improve their practical experience.

    l  To implement partner assistance actions for difficulties in employment. Focusing on graduates with poverty-stricken families, urban and rural subsistence allowance families, zero employment families, and the disabilities. Develop a "one person, one policy" assistance plan to provide paired assistance to those who have left school but are not employed.

    l  To implement the rights protection action. Carry out the cleaning and rectification of the human resources market and resolutely crack down on various forms of employment infringement. At the same time, launch publicity on labor and social security law popularization, release tips on job hunting traps, to enhance graduates' legal awareness.

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