The French government announced a national plan to invest an additional 500 million euros in research start-ups
  • 2023-05-04
  • Entrepreneurship Research Center on G20 Economies
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  • The French government has announced that it will invest 5 billion euros in five years to support the national plan of research-based start-ups as a part of the overall work framework for 2030. At present, the French government has announced that another 500 million euros will be invested in this plan which needs to promote the establishment and development of start-ups based on research and development achievements by establishing links between research institutions and the microeconomic world. 

    Three pillars are included in this plan: First, set up 25 university innovation centers (PUI) to provide research teams with innovative strategies, unique management principles and flexible means to realize the birth of innovative enterprises based on the research and development capabilities of universities. At the same time, promote the commercialization of Shenzhen Science and Technology by means of i-Lab competition and French science and technology integration scholarship; Finally, we provided funds for 17 projects selected to " structure at national strategy scale the detection and follow-up capacity of research valuation ".

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