UK:Classic Tax Incentives Program Expanded
  • 2023-05-04
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  • UK government announced on March the expansion of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). This measure increases the existing limits that apply to company access and use of the SEIS and the investment amounts on which individuals can claim tax reliefs. The company investment limit will increase from £150,000 to £250,000, the limit at the date of share issue on a company’s “gross assets” will increase from £200,000 to £350,000 and the age limit of a company’s “new qualifying trade” from 2 to 3 years. The annual limits that apply to the investment amount on which individuals can claim income tax and Capital Gains Tax re-investment reliefs will also increase from £100,000 to £200,000. The government has said that these changes will help over 2,000 companies a year that use the scheme to grow. 

    The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is a scheme introduced by the government in 2012/13. In this case the idea is to help smaller and probably younger businesses raise funds and grow. When you invest in a SEIS-qualifying company you could get very good tax breaks, such as: up to 50% income tax relief, tax-free growth, up to 50% Capital Gains reinvestment relief, inheritance tax relief and loss relief on exit.

    Equity crowdfunding refers to the public conduct of enterprises to raise funds from social investors by selling a certain proportion of shares, and investors can enjoy future income returns by investing in the company. As an innovative financing model, equity crowdfunding plays an important role in promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and the development of SMEs.The SEIS has been considered as the best practice of tax incentive to support entrepreneurship by EU, and the similar programs in France and Australia have learned a lot for it.

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