• The G20 Entrepreneurship Roundtable 2019

    We cordially invite you to attend the G20 Entrepreneurship Roundtable 2019, which will be hosted on 22-23 October 2019 in Sanya, China, by the Entrepreneurship Research Center on G20 Economies with the support of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China.

    The new entrepreneurship opportunities and innovative impetus are emerging, as new industries, models and businesses pop up in the digital economy era, which reshapes the pattern of economic growth and brings profound changes to the way of production and lives. The growth momentum of start-ups is a reflection of the quality of entrepreneurship, so the entrepreneurial ecosystem should be constantly improved to enable start-ups to scale-up, thus enhancing the effectiveness of actions and ensuring high-quality and sustainable development of entrepreneurship.  

    The G20 Entrepreneurship Roundtable 2019 will issue G20 Entrepreneurship Report 2019. Representatives of G20 members, related international organizations will be invited for in-depth dialogues and discussions on the theme of “Enhance the effectiveness of actions, improve the qualities of entrepreneurship”, to share best practice and jointly explore ways of effective implementation of G20 Entrepreneurship Action Plan.

    October 22, 2019 (Tuesday)

    08:30-09:00   Registration and group photo

    09:00-09:30   Opening Remarks

    09:30-10:30   Keynote speeches on the development of entrepreneurship and SMEs in digital economy and the right & interest protection of entrepreneurs in new industries, new models and new businesses. 

    10:30-11:00   Tea break

    11:00-12:30   Governments Policies and Strategies

                                • National entrepreneurship policies and action plans

                                • Innovation in service for MSMEs

                                • Innovation in tax and financial service 

                                • Entrepreneurship-driven job creation measures

                                • Inclusive entrepreneurship opportunities

                                • Improvement of business environment 

    12:30-13:30   Lunch

    13:30-14:30   Report releasing 

    14:30-15:00   Tea break 

    15:00-16:30   Entrepreneurship opportunities in new industries, new models and new businesses

                                • Big enterprises’ support for innovation and entrepreneurship

                                • New transformation models of scientific and technological achievement

                                • Partnerships between universities and enterprises

                                • Financing service for innovation 

                                • Entrepreneurship in the platform economy and the sharing economy

    16:30-17:30   Entrepreneurship in digital economy 

                            • Entrepreneurship trends in digital economy 

                            • Digital transformation of SMEs

                            • Gig economy and entrepreneurship 

                            • Promotion and supervision of entrepreneurship with new models

    October 23, 2019 (Wednesday)

    09:00-10:30   Enable start-up to scale-up

                            • Establishment of effective entrepreneurship ecosystem

                            • Targeted training across all phases of business lifecycle 

                            • Domestic and overseas market exploration of MSMEs

                            • Best practice of support for startup growth

    10:30-11:00   Tea break

    11:00-12:00   Internationalization of entrepreneurship platforms

                            • Policies and practices of setting up entrepreneurship platforms in other countries

                            • Operation model of international entrepreneurship platforms

                            • International cooperation in incubation and acceleration

                            • Experiences and lessons in international technology transformation

                            • International cooperation on entrepreneurship education 

    12:00-12:10   Wrap-up speech

                                • Enhance the effectiveness of actions, improve the qualities of entrepreneurship 

    12:10-13:30   Lunch

    13:30-17:30   A visit to start-ups and entrepreneurship platforms in China

  • Partners

  • Global Health Innovation Center (GHIC)
  • World Intelligent Incubation Network (WIIN)
  • National University of Singapore
  • Canada-China Institute For Business & Development
  • TusPark Research Institute for Innovation
  • Cross-strait Tsinghua Research Institute
  • Tsinghua X-Lab

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